S006 ELGONS Protect Gel 全天然纳米护肤胶 35ml
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S006 ELGONS Protect Gel 全天然纳米护肤胶 35ml
Price RM106.20 RM118.00
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芦荟, 仙人掌( 滋润,维生素C和抗自由基功效) 木薯叶等萃取精华,有效保湿,祛痕印,活化与修复肌肤,适合油性暗疮,烧烫伤,红肿以及细菌感染引发的伤口等皮肤。适合于油性及敏感肌肤。


Aloe vera, cactus (moisturizing, vitamin C and anti-free radical effects), cassava leaves and other extract essences, effectively moisturize, remove marks, activate and repair skin, suitable for oily acne, burns, redness and swelling, wounds caused by bacterial infections and other skin.Suitable for oily and sensitive skin.

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