S012 ELGONS Soothing Extracte (24hours) 全天然舒缓保湿精华液 15ml
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S012 ELGONS Soothing Extracte (24hours) 全天然舒缓保湿精华液 15ml
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全天然保湿精华液采用木薯叶保湿提取物,芦荟液,葡萄籽萃取液,与抗菌銀离子,为您的肌肤提供24小时保湿,有舒缓及抗皱功效。特别适合干性缺水以及敏感肌肤。也可以查眼睛,当做eye Serum使用,用量4-5滴在手掌心,轻拍在肌肤上。
注: 如果超敏感皮肤或做了激光療程之後,加清水或Naturale Aqua使用為佳。


All-natural moisturizing essence adopts cassava leaf moisturizing extract, aloe vera liquid, grape seed extract, and antibacterial silver ions to provide 24-hour moisturizing for your skin, with soothing and anti-wrinkle effects. It is especially suitable for dry dehydration and sensitive skin. You can also check your eyes as an eye Serum, Use 4-5 drops in the palm of your hand and pat onto the skin.

Note: If you have ultra-sensitive skin or after laser treatment, it is better to add water or Naturale Aqua.

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