R062 Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche Perfume Sample 正品香奈儿绿色邂逅小样香水
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  • 融合了清新香木橼、柔美茉莉、以及鲜明柚木的闪亮花香调香水,宛如拂面而来的微风


  • 机遇来来去去,从不停留……而你只有几秒钟的时间抓住它。它常常在我们毫无预期的情况下出现。然而,如果你决定抓住它,一切皆有可能。
  • “若命运的邂逅降临,我会紧握不放。”香奈儿女士深知,真正的幸运是自己创造的,是一种态度,一种生活方式。


  • 前味:檸檬、雪松
  • 中調:粉紅胡椒、菠蘿蘭、茉莉花
  • 基調:柚木,鳶尾花,琥珀
  • 特性:女性香氛
  • 標籤:木質,柑橘,花香,豐富,脂肪。木香、柑橘、花香、濃郁、肥厚
  • 规格:10ml
  • 香水持久性2-3小时


Olfactory Ambiance

  • A sparkling floral fragrance that combines fresh citron, soft jasmine and vibrant teak, like a breeze in the face


  • Opportunity comes and goes, it never stays ...... and you only have a few seconds to seize it. It often appears without our expectation. However, if you decide to seize it, anything is possible.
  • "If an encounter of destiny comes, I will hold on to it." Mademoiselle Chanel knows that true luck is of her own making, an attitude, a way of life.


  • Top notes: lemon, cedar
  • Middle notes: pink pepper, pineapple orchid, jasmine
  • Base notes: teak, iris, amber
  • Characteristics: Female fragrance
  • Label: woody, citrus, floral, rich, fat. Woody, citrus, floral, rich, fat
  • Specifications: 10ml
  • Perfume longevity 2-3 hours