Terms & Conditions

 Welcome to QueenYeah Modern web site online boutique. Terms and conditions stated below applies to all visitors and users of QueenYeah Modern. You're bound by these terms and conditions as long as you're on QueenYeah Modern.

  1. To all QY honourable customer, please kindly go through our term and condition clearly before making any purchase, our company policy not allow for cash refund and no reason product exchange, please order with your confirmed sizes and preferred colour, thanks for your collaboration.

  2. We will take fully responsibility if our products have any defect or any issues happen from our side, fully refund is allowed. Please contact us within 24 hours after you received your parcel and any dissatisfy with our product (*Product tag is prohibited to be remove)

  3. If choosing for purchase in Cash, ATM bank in or Bank transfer, must complete the purchase by payment make within 24 hours, order will be auto terminate is payment not receive after 24 hours.

  4. If pruchase below 180(West Malaysia) and 250(East Malaysia) , postage is chargeable when customer redeem gift at the same time.

  5. Postage will be charge if customer only redeem gift in single order.

  6. Manual measurement stated may vary 2-3cm .

  7. Slight Color difference problem. We cannot guarantee that the pictures shown on the monitor are exactly the same as the ones you actually get, because it depends on the user monitor or other settings.

  8. We reserve the right to make changes to the price and promotions of products or any settings on the website without any prior notice.


欢迎来到Queen Yeah Modern 网店。一下条款适用于在QueenYeah Modern所有的访客及用户。只要您在Queen Yeah Modern上,您就受这些条款约束。

  1. 至我们尊贵的乔雅会员,在购物前请务必仔细阅读并确保理解我们所设立的条款。本公司不接受任何现金退款以及在没有任何明确理由的情况下要求进行货物的退换。建议顾客在下单前确认好尺寸以及颜色。谢谢您们的合作。

  2. 如果我们所卖出的商品出现缺陷或是因我们的疏忽而造成的问题,本公司将会承担起责任并允许全额退款。顾客必须在收到包裹的24小时内检查商品如发现瑕疵请立即联系我们。(*商品的标签不可移除)

  3. 如果选择现金,ATM或银行转账购买,必须在24小时内完成付款并上传收据到网站,否者订单将自动取消。

  4. 如果购买低于180(西马)和250(东马),客户同时兑换礼品时需支付邮费。

  5. 如果顾客仅在一个订单中兑换礼物,则将收取邮费。  

  6. 手工测量2-3cm的误差属于正常现象。

  7. 色差问题。我们不能保证顾客拿到的商品和网站上显示的照片是一样的,因为会受到显示器或其他设定的影响。

  8. 我们保留权利在没有任何通知的情况下对商品的价格,促销或网站上的任何设定进行修改。